Random Q. Bursitis (philbutrin) wrote in 420bearsncubs,
Random Q. Bursitis

that evil weed

when president obama named seattle police chief gil kerlikowske as his new drug czar, i thought it would be the beginning of a new era of more progressive federal marijuana policy.

apparently not.

at a press conference in fresno yesterday, the new drug czar showed himself to be just as ignorant and closed-minded as every drug czar before him. according to kerlikowske:

“Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”

at a time when medical marijuana legislation is booming across the country, and more and more research is revealing marijuana's tremendous medical potential, kerlikowske's statement comes across as wilfully ignorant and a throwback to the days of "reefer madness".

please consider visiting the Marijuana Policy Project's action center to let the drug czar know that his statement is misguided and out of line with scientific fact:

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